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C/I Assignments: Some of the Best
Tips: Responses/Suggestions by C/I Faculty



Library Component of C/I - Summary
December 12, 2001





Worked Well


Suggestions for Spring Workshop


Library Component of C/I Summary
Lunch of December 6, 2000

  1. What did you set out to accomplish in C/I regarding the library?
    • Understand sources of different material
    • Library tour to get them into the building & to see where things are located.
    • Introduce to faces in library

  2. What worked well in achieving what you sought to accomplish relating to the library?
    • Tours in small groups
    • Instructional classroom
    • Hands-on sessions(s) w/librarian, especially in Monday evening time
    • Having prior knowledge of websites that profit from plagiarism
    • Longer time block on Monday evening for library session(s)
    • Start collaboration w/librarian early spring or summer @ latest
    • Session related to specific assignment

  3. What might you change relating to the library if you were to do C/I again next fall?
    • Timing assignment(s) with library session(s) so can integrate

  4. What advice/recommendations would you give to classroom faculty/librarians regarding the library component for next year?
    • Use CL's perspective as a current student
    • Awareness of student passivity in learning process.
    • Awareness of short timeframe to get them into active role.
    • Relate library sessions to assignment
    • Utilize CL's more especially in beginning; perhaps have librarian meet w/CL's for library orientation.
    • Schedule 10 a.m. with reference librarian and Monday evening hands-on session on same day.

  5. What was helpful from the Spring workshop? What would be more helpful?
    • Address more How to evaluate all types of info sources web-print-media
    • Having an assigned librarian actively participating in planning sessions
    • Ability to order C/I materials in summer to have on hand for CI students
    • Provide more examples of successful assignments
    • Provide examples from each librarian used w/previous C/I faculty
    • Provide this info on website
    • Librarian stay in pursuit of C/I faculty for early planning


Library Component of C/I - Summary
Lunch of December 1, 1999

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