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Project Muse

Project Muse

“Improved” PROJECT MUSE ! ! ! ! !

As part of a pilot project, the Project Muse staff decided to provide access to some of their journals back to the first issue. Typically, this group ARE NOT in JSTOR and that is great since we aren’t paying twice.

Because of the cooperation that has existed between Project Muse and JSTOR, searches in JSTOR have had links to more recent content in Project Muse AND now a new search feature of Project Muse allows one to continue the search for content in JSTOR. When using the Project Muse article locator you request that as part of your search, back issues (if any) in JSTOR are also searched (see

Project Muse has another new feature: “linked subject headings” - a powerful discovery tool for users. Following a subject heading link brings the researcher to additional articles that share the same subject heading. This list of subject headings is annotated with the current number of MUSE articles and reviews to which that heading is assigned.

Linked subject headings provide the ability to refine a research topic when articles with a more specific focus are needed. Conversely, the linked subject headings can guide a user to articles with a broader approach when the assignment requires a more general discussion of the research topic.

To help researchers effectively use “linked subject headings, Project Muse provides both a videocast on this ( ) or you can view it on You Tube: ( ).

Other new features:

If you are unsure about the proper format to cite articles in the journals in either the APA format or the MLA format, see their “How to Cite Articles” ( AND if you are stumped as to how to begin that search process, try out “Search and Working you’re your Results” (


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