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Reference Item of the Month for February, 2011: JSTOR


J(ournal) STOR(age) may not seem likely as a reference source, in fact, it is a gathering of magazines, journals, periodicals, from the earliest issue published in a given title up to … well it used to be up to 3 to 5 years from the current year’s issues, but that has changed.  Quite a few publishers are now making their most current online content available through JSTOR.   Also, JSTOR hosts several pamphlet collections, but these pamphlets aren’t two or three page toss-aways, but books.  Over the last year, the look and feel of JSTOR has also changed AND it has added a citation locator, so if you know words in a title, part of an author’s name, part of the title of a journal, you can use JSTOR’s Citation Locator.  This is different from JSTOR’s Advanced Search which will search all of the full-text in all of the articles of all of the journals selected.  Sometimes that is over-kill.  Now we have both tools which are available to help our faculty and students find important scholarly journal articles.

JSTOR has scanned scientific journals beginning in 1665 and published by the Royal Society that have articles by Isaac Newton, Edward Halley, Robert Boyle and others who pushed science forward.  At this writing, JSTOR contains 234 titles in biology, which is second only to the number of history journals at 247.  In the history collection are materials which date back to 1545, as well as the most recent issue of the American Historical Review.


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