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Circulation Desk Policies | Reserve Desk Policies | Group Study Rooms | Policy for Public School Visits | Copyright Policy | Collection Development Policy

Circulation Desk Policies

The Circulation Desk is the place to borrow and return books and reserve materials; to inquire about materials missing from the shelves; to schedule a group study room; and to reserve a locker.

Austin College Library Card

The Abell Library Center of Austin College does not issue a special library card. Your Austin College identification card allows you the privilege of borrowing materials from the members of the Bibliographic Association of the Red River (BARR) Consortium libraries. Participating members of BARR are the following: Austin College's Abell Library Center, Grayson County College's Learning Resource Center, Sherman Public Library and Denison Public Library. You must have your own card to check out materials and it must be valid. Your Austin College identification card is valid while you are enrolled at Austin College. Other members of BARR use the BARRcard from one of the other libraries. Austin College does not issue BARRcards. You must be in good standing with your home library.

BORROWING Books at Abell Library

AC faculty 1 year 100 item limit
AC staff 1 year 100 item limit
AC student 28 days 100 item limit
AC guest - on campus for a limited time 14 days limit 3 items
AC spouse 14 days limit 3 items
AC dependent 14 days 16 years or older - limit 3 items
Grayson County College - BARRcard holder 14 days 16 years or older - limit 3 items
Denison Public Library - BARRcard holder 14 days 16 years or older - limit 3 items
Sherman Public Library - BARRcard holder 14 days 16 years or older - limit 3 items
TexShare Card holder - (non-Grayson County resident) 14 days limit 3 items
TexShare Card holder - (Grayson County resident - use appropriate BARRcard) 14 days limit 3 items


Borrowing DVDs and Videos

The privilege of borrowing DVDs and videos is limited to the following groups:

AC Faculty 14 days Counts toward 100 item limit
AC Students 1 day Counts toward 100 item limit
AC Staff 1 day Counts toward 100 item limit
AC Spouses 1 day limit 1 item
AC Dependents (16 and over) 1 day limit 1 item

Laptop Checkout Policy

Abell Library has four laptops for student use in the library. Students who check out a laptop must first complete one copy of the laptop contract, which states:
  1. I understand that this equipment is a 4-hour library loan and cannot leave the building. I will not take the laptop from Abell Library.
  2. I will immediately inspect the laptop upon checking it out and agree that it is in good condition.
  3. I will not tamper with hardware or existing software. I agree to protect this equipment from theft and/or damage. I understand that the Austin College Campus Police will investigate any loss of a laptop or any missing components, and I will cooperate with such investigations.
  4. I agree to accept full financial responsibility for failure to return the laptop and accompanying equipment, and any damage incurred to the laptop through abuse, misuse, or operation contrary to any instructions supplied with the laptop while it is in my care. Approximate cost of the laptop is $1,000.
  5. I agree to go to the library Circulation Desk immediately if this equipment is damaged, lost, stolen, or malfunctioning.
  6. I agree to return the laptop to the Circulation Desk by the time due and personally give it to a library staff member or library student employee before I leave the Abell Library. I will return the laptop no later than 15 minutes before the closing of the library. Fines will be charged at the rate of 60 cents per hour with a maximum fine of $10.00.
  7. I will never leave the laptop unattended. If I leave it unattended, I may lose permanently the privilege of borrowing a library laptop.
  8. I will follow the same practices with this laptop as those specified in Austin College's Network Responsible Use Policy.

Laptop privileges will be revoked if a borrower violates any part of this agreement. In addition, any blocks on a patron record (overdue books, ignored recalls, etc.) will also prohibit laptop borrowing.

Materials Missing from the Shelves

If a book is not on the shelf where it belongs, please report it to the Circulation Desk. The library's computerized catalog should indicate whether a book is checked out or not. If it is not on the shelf and not checked out, please request that the library conduct a search for the material. When located, the circulation staff will send you a notice that the item is found.

Recalling Library Material

Any member of the Austin College community (faculty, staff or student) may request that an item checked out to another be recalled. Please make your request at the Circulation Desk. Books are not recalled until the person has had the item for at least 2 weeks, and no one is obligated to return a book until their loan period is over, unless the material is needed for a course reserve. Material needed for a course reserve is requested to be returned to the library, immediately.

Returning Borrowed Materials

All materials are to be returned to the Circulation Desk. Reserve materials should be handed directly to a Circulation worker to ensure that the items are discharged in a timely manner to prevent fines. All items must be returned in the same condition they were when checked out. Any damage, including pen or pencil markings, may result in a library fine. Any material checked out from other BARR libraries or a TexShare participating library must be returned to the appropriate library before the date due.


Everyone is expected to return Library material on time so that others may have access to them. When this does not happen, the library fines the person $0.20 per day per overdue book. The fee for DVDs and videos is $3.00 per day. If a book is returned or renewed within 7 days of the due date, the library will not enforce the fine. There is a maximum fine of $10.00 per book and a $20.00 per DVD/video. Overdue reserve materials carry more severe penalties. Notices are sent out after a book is due. Please contact the Circulation Supervisor about overdues. Lost or damaged books should be reported as soon as possible to the Circulation Supervisor.

Reserve Desk Policies

Many professors reserve particular books, videos, DVDs, and/or photocopied material important to their classes on shelves behind the Circulation Desk. Also kept on permanent reserve are style manuals used for writing papers. To check out reserve material, you must have your own valid Austin College identification card.

  • Items are placed on reserve with limited time periods so that ALL students have EQUAL access to assigned material.

  • All materials placed on reserve are located in the closed reserve area behind the circulation/reserve desk.

  • All materials are on the online catalog, under Reserves, listed by faculty name or by course number.

  • A computer is available at the Reserve Desk to look up reserved material.

  • Loans will be made only to persons possessing a valid Austin College I.D.


Only one reserve item may be checked out at a time.

We will not hold a reserve item for someone.

We will wait 15 minutes to allow others to check out a reserve item before we will renew it, unless there is another copy available.

Loan Periods:

2 hour reserve - due back in two hours from time checked out. (Items restricted to "library use only" may not leave the library and will be due at the Reserve Desk 15 minutes before closing.)

2 hour/overnight reserve - due back in two hours from time checked out or may be checked out overnight beginning two hours before closing and due back 1 hour after opening on the following day.

4 hour reserve - due back in four hours from time checked out. Used for most videos and DVDs. (Items restricted to "library use only" may not leave the library and will be due at the Reserve Desk 15 minutes before closing.)

24 hour reserve - due back the following day at the same timed checked out. (e.g. checked out on Monday, 7:00 pm, due Tuesday, 7:00 pm.)

72 hour reserve - due back in 3 days at same time checked out.(e.g. checked out on Monday, 7:00 pm, due Thursday, 7:00 pm.)


Reserve Fines:

Fines will be charged at the rate of 60 cents per hour per reserve item - $10.00 total maximum fine per item.

If an item is recalled, then the maximum fine is $20.00 per item recalled.

Group Study Rooms

Rooms are provided on the second floor of the library for small groups of students to study together.

  • To schedule a group study room, there must be at least two people needing a place to study together.

  • Room scheduling is maintained at the Circulation Desk.

  • To provide as many people the opportunity to work/study together there is a 3-hour reservation limit per room - Students signing up for more than 3-hour blocks will be removed from the reservation form.

Policy for Public School Visits

Abell Library will work with high school teachers who want to bring a class to Abell Library to find information for a class assignment. In order to ensure that a library visit is a good experience for everyone involved, we would like to coordinate visits with the school librarian and we ask that teachers please abide by the following guidelines.

Call ahead of time (a minimum of two weeks) to arrange for a meeting time that will be convenient for the library staff and for your students.

Contact the Barbara Cornelius , x2536, to schedule a time to bring your class.

Please do NOT show up with a group of students unannounced or refer a large number of students to work on an assignment at our library without consulting us first. We want to ensure that there will not be conflicts with Austin College activities in the library or on campus and that librarians will be available to help your students.

Familiarize yourself with the collection, search tools, and policies that will pertain to your students' assignment prior to the scheduled visit. For example, you should have a general idea of how our materials are arranged and find out whether students will be able to locate the information they need for a particular assignment in Abell Library.

You might prepare a handout describing appropriate sources and how to locate them and discuss this with the class before they visit Abell Library. Students will then have more time to spend using the resources and spend less time trying to figure out what they need to do. If requested, we will consult with teachers regarding preparation for such a handout.

Please inform your class of our library's policies that would affect your students: books can only be checked out to students who bring a BARR card from either Sherman Public Library or Denison Public Library. (We do not issue BARR cards.) Students must be 16 years old to obtain checkout privileges. Photocopies can be made at the cost of 10 cents per page.

Group size should be limited to 35 or fewer. If more than 20 students are brought, please plan to have two adult supervisors. The school librarian is encouraged to accompany the group with the classroom teacher. Adult supervisors should assist students in locating the materials and supervising their activities.

Keep in mind that we have a limited number of Internet workstations and photocopiers. Students need to be willing to wait in line and to share.

Prepare your students for visiting a college library. Discuss acceptable behavior and the fact that Austin College students may be here studying for an important test and must not be disturbed. Also students should come to the library with a chosen research topic, not for a scavenger hunt.

Prior to students beginning their research in the library, a brief introduction to Austin College will be presented to visiting classes by the Institutional Enrollment Department.

Copyright Policy

Collection Development Policy

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