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About Abell -> Liaisons

Library Liaisons

Library liaisons exist to establish an ongoing working relationship between the faculty and the library staff. A librarian acts as a liaison with each academic department. This librarian will meet with the faculty members (or the faculty liaison) of each department to exchange information about curriculum developments and library needs. The librarian will keep the faculty member informed of developments in the library, such as new services, policies,collection development activities, and to assist with library instruction. Each academic area's liaison is the contact person for any questions or issues relating to the library and will make every effort to respond to requests or queries as quickly as possible. This librarian liaison will expedite the flow of information between faculty and library staff, thus enabling the library to provide better service to the academic community.

Liaisons 2011-2012

Liaison List Organized by Librarian

Department/ Discipline
Librarian Liaison Email Extension
Art Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Biology LadyJane Hickey lhickey 2237
Chemistry John West jwest 2490
Chinese Shannon Fox sfox 2559
Classics Shannon Fox sfox 2559
Communication Studies Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Communicaton/Inquiry (C/I) Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Economics and Business Administration LadyJane Hickey lhickey 2237
Education LadyJane Hickey lhickey


English Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Environmental Studies Shannon Fox sfox 2559
Exercise and Sport Science Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
French Shannon Fox sfox 2559
Gender Studies Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
German Shannon Fox sfox 2559
History John West jwest 2490
Honors Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Japanese Shannon Fox sfox 2559
Latin American Studies John West jwest 2490
Math/Computer Science John West jwest 2490
Music John West jwest 2490
Philosophy LadyJane Hickey lhickey 2237
Physics Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Political Science LadyJane Hickey lhickey 2237
Psychology John West jwest 2490
Religious Studies LadyJane Hickey lhickey 2237
Sociology/Anthropology Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470
Spanish Carolyn Vickrey cvickrey 2470

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